Message from the President

Kazuya Kato, President and Representative Director

To grow with society and
become a valuable presence

Our company was founded as a drinking water wholesaler in 1945 and established as a stock company in 1947. Since then, we have faced a variety of difficulties and continually grappled with new challenges.
Throughout our long history, our employees have been unified in their adherence to a set of firmly held convictions through our "Corporate Credo," which is our corporate philosophy. It is designed to build our reputation and grow by giving back to society, to continually evolve by taking a proactive approach to changes, and to aspire to be the most valuable presence in the market.

As we will commemorate the 70th anniversary of our foundation in 2017, KATO SANGYO Group will take on the challenge of the next stage and further growth, and we are upholding our "Group Mission" in which we stipulated our social mission and business areas in regard to what kind of value we offer to create business and what sort of company we will be in society.

As a company that handles food, we will strengthen family get-togethers and bonds with other people through the enjoyment of diverse food that is rich in seasonality and regional characteristics, and inheritance and nurturing of food culture. Eventually, we will contribute to a healthy and wholesome life. We will realize people's happiness by offering a rich dietary life. This is our mission, and the purpose of our daily activities is to achieve this mission.

We will aim to achieve our mission and realize our corporate credo through our business activities and efforts.

Kazuya Kato, President and Representative Director