"We will take up the role as the origin of diverse retail spaces and dietary life"

With the diversification of consumer needs, the products that are demanded have been diversely changing.
We handle a number of manufacturers' products, and at the same time we support attractive retail space creation and rich dietary life through the production and sale of our original brand products.

Respond to customers' and consumers' "Desires"
Product procurement capability that makes any proposal possible

Through businesses with manufacturers all over the country, finding imported products, and product development in our production department, we have realized a wide variety of product lineup.
We respond to retailers' requests on the basis of the number of products handled and propose an optimal product lineup.

Correlation diagram of merchandising

Product Purchase (name-brand product)

Broad-ranging businesses with over 4,000 companies

We are a general food wholesaling company that purchases name-brand products from more than 4,000 manufacturers and wholesales them to retailers.
By taking advantage of our group power, we have realized a wide variety of product lineup such as ambient temperature processed foods, frozen/chilled foods, confectionery, alcoholic beverages, etc.

Product Development (private label)

We develop unique products to meet needs

To meet a wide range of consumer and retailer needs, we develop manufactures and import products under our own private labels. We wholesale our private label products to many retailers, and a large number of consumers enjoy our products.

Product Information (Japanese)