Retail Support

Retail Support

"We will get closer to retailers and aim to grow together"

Retailers variedly devise retail spaces according to their business category, region, and measures.
Our retail support will analyze/comprehend retailers' current status/environment and aim to grow together with retailers while vitalizing all retail spaces through proposals on merchandising measures and sales promotion in accordance with customer needs.

By casting trends and needs into the "Shape" of retail spaces, we provide optimal retail support that will maximize retailers' satisfaction

We will promptly and accurately detect market trends and needs, and realize more effective and attractive retail spaces based on the retailers' current demand while making full use of our methods, such as POS and ID-POS data analyses and trade area analysis.
Through the creation/proposal of new added value, we will propose support that will lead to vitalizing retail spaces and streamlining/increasing the efficiency of store operations.

Correlation diagram of retail support

Retail Space Designing

Making plans that foresee consumers' needs

We work with retailers to create optimum designs for retail spaces by comprehending consumers' needs and issues while utilizing various data.
We work to ensure that store visitors have enjoyable shopping experiences and can always find the products they want. We also create retail spaces that anticipate shopper needs, showcasing products they are likely to want even before they know they want them.

Retail Space Creating

Connect retailers and consumers

To develop retail space based on the retail space plan made with the retailer, we not only deliver products properly on time but also maintain attractive retail spaces in order to have shoppers visit stores frequently.
To realize this, we frequently analyze trends and lifestyles and provide support for creating retail spaces suited for the customer's needs.