"We take up the role for distribution infrastructure that supports the consumers' diet"

What is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed.
As the infrastructure for food distribution, we properly manage a large variety and amount of products and deliver products with a low-cost and high-quality logistics service depending on the retailer's demand by taking advantage of our logistics bases and network throughout the country.

Logistics solutions that create added value for retailers

By providing the logistics function that will maximally support retailers' purchase/sales activities and store operations, such as small-lot high-frequency deliveries, batch distribution, etc., we will build a supply chain for retailers in which logistics efficiency and sales advantages are well balanced.

Correlation diagram of logistics

Advanced Distribution Systems

Precise delivery, even for one product

Small-lot high-frequency deliveries that are specific to the wholesaler are realized by our unique logistics systems such as the multi-picking cart system, scanning inspection system, etc.
These systems enable us to precisely deliver what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed, which supports the lives of our consumers.

Batch Distribution

Achieve cost reduction and respond to environmental problems

We collect and deliver our products in batches together with products of other wholesalers. This approach lowers costs by streamlining retailer store operations and reducing retailer inventories. It reduces the number of delivery vehicles, which helps protect the environment.