Product Development

Product Development

"We consistently engage in original proposals on the product, development, and package design"

We have some factories as a manufacturer of food products.
We reflect the consumers' or retailers' needs that we see from our unique perspective as a food wholesaler and realize a satisfactory product lineup in which we are particular about the taste, quality, and packaging.

Accurately grasp consumer needs
Total power-driven product development

Since the beginning of our foundation, we have undertaken product development and production.
While taking advantage of our unique know-how that we have cultivated over our long history, we promote product development that anticipates consumption trends and strive to thoroughly implement quality control.
We will enhance our consistent system, ranging from the procurement of raw materials to production, logistics, and sales, and provide products that will satisfy consumers.

Correlation diagram of product development

Our thoughts put into each and every brand

It was more than 65 years ago when our representative brand "Kanpy" was born.
Since we started handling original brand products, we have realized a large selection that responded to the changes in the market needs and lifestyles, such as "GREENWOOD" with a large choice of specialty products, "PROSSIMO" for which we gathered excellent imported products, etc., and many customers have supported our products.
We put our thoughts on manufacturing into each of the long-established brands.

To realize packages that resonate with consumers

Among the products that we produce and sell, the "Kanpy Family Size Jam" series has received a high evaluation.
When we renewed it in 2016, responding to the opinions received from customers, we adopted the universally designed container bottle to pursue easy opening by adding a dent on the upper part of it to reduce slippage when opening. We also improved visibility by making the label design clear in order to make it easy to read the printed characters.
As just described, we are also particular about our product packages.

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