Philosophy of KATO SANGYO Group


Philosophy of KATO SANGYO Group

Our mission is to realize People's Happiness by offering a Rich Dietary Life

Corporate Credo・Mission・Vision・Group Code of Conduct

Corporate Credo

We make people‘s lives happy as the most valuable presence for both manufacturers and customers by enlightening capabilities and enhancing functions, and aim to achieve sustainable growth as a company with social value.


The social mission that our group will aim for
Our mission is to realize “People’s Happiness” by offering a “Rich Dietary Life”.
All of our activities and efforts will target the achievement of this mission.

Rich Dietary Life, People's Happiness

Our mission is to realize “People’s Happiness”
by offering a “Rich Dietary Life”,
as we value the blessings of nature,
which are the sources of food production.

We think a “Rich Dietary Life” consists of
the purchase of safe and secure products at reasonable prices for everyone,
the enjoyment of diverse food that is rich in seasonality and regional characteristics,
and the inheritance and nurturing of food culture.

We think “People’s Happiness” consists of
family get-togethers,
bonds with other people,
and a healthy and wholesome life.


Long-term vision to achieve our mission (Vision of the future)

Become a food infrastructure, Become a food professional, Become a food producer

Group Code of Conduct

1. Sound thinking and behavior

We, as a member of society, actively participate in forming an affluent society with our sound thinking and behavior.

Code of Conduct

  1. We always have high ethical standards, learn good manners as working adults, and act with confidence and pride as employees of KATO SANGYO Group.
  2. We offer safe and secure food products and actively put effort into the improvement of dietary life to foster humanity and inheritance and nurturing of food culture.
  3. We value the natural environment and promote environmental preservation toward the realization of a society that will permanently develop.
  4. We observe laws and regulations as well as social and company rules, conduct corporate activities in accordance with social ethics, and disclose our business content as-is.
  5. We eliminate antisocial forces and groups that pose a threat to civil social order and safety with decisive action and a ban on any relations.

2. Honest and humble attitude

We always have aspirations, obediently review ourselves, and truthfully act with humbleness.

Code of Conduct

  1. We do not keep up appearances, but carry out vigorous, sincere, and honest behavior.
  2. We respect and humbly strive to understand other people's positions, thoughts, and values, and aim for self-growth.
  3. We sincerely and steadily fulfill our responsibilities and earn the trust of surrounding people.
  4. We deny discriminatory language and behavior and the act of ignoring human rights in the scope of all business activities.
  5. We honestly recognize mistakes, humbly reflect on our past conduct, and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to appropriate responses and countermeasures.

3. Challenge for innovative changes

We consider maintaining the status quo to be regression in any environment, always take on the challenge of innovative changes, create new common sense, and keep evolving.

Code of Conduct

  1. We inherit the culture of taking on challenges as our tradition and maintain the spirit of innovation to create new value.
  2. The company's growth is the accumulation of our employees' growth, and each and every employee rises to the challenge of achieving their goals and strives to enlighten capability and self-improvement.
  3. We always pursue the optimization of services and the efficiency of operations, achieve the greatest results, and continually increase corporate value.
  4. We see changes in the environment as an opportunity and act with a sense of speed and courage.
  5. We work as one to overcome issues during periods of difficulty, keep taking on the challenge of reaching higher goals with organizational cohesiveness, and aim to achieve sustainable growth of our company group.

4. Spirit of mutual evolution

We earn the trust of and live together with surrounding people and strive for mutual growth and development.

Code of Conduct

  1. We try to maximize satisfaction for the "Three Clients (customers, suppliers, and inhabitants)" and further strengthen functions to become the most valuable presence
  2. We build a strong relationship of trust through fair transactions with our customers and suppliers and aim for sound market development with them.
  3. We gain the appropriate profit from the evaluation of customer satisfaction, increase of corporate value, and give back to the people surrounding KATO SANGYO Group with due acknowledgement.
  4. As a corporate citizen, we deeply recognize the culture and customs in each region and overseas country, which are the foundation of our activities, we promote appropriate communication, and we contribute to the prosperity and reconciliation of local communities and nations through effective activities.
  5. We try to create a positive workplace filled with vitality where employees respect mutual individuality and personality, and mutually enhance themselves while growing through friendly competition.


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